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Classic metroidvania adventure on an abandoned space station with beautiful pixel art graphics.

Collect secret artifacts, unlock space suit upgrades, find new weapons and special devices
and hack your own  way through the corridors of the mysterious space research station "SIMBIRSK "!


It doesen't represent the final quality of the product.

Thank you for understanding and support!

  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Move
  • SpaceBar or X - Jump
  • E or C  - Interact
  • Z or Right Mouse Button - Attack

The space station is a living organism! It will destroy anyone who tries to get out.

Atmospheric platformer about exploration and search for secrets.

Gather all the information about the disaster that happened

at this mysterious station and try to survive.



This game is in early prototype phase, we will be glad to hear your feedbacks.

Please leave your comments!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Exploration, Horror, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller

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Is it just me or does the settings button not work? Also runs at like 3 fps for me

I just fucking LOVE how theres no hints to the crate area so you get softlocked 5 times in a row! Maybe, i don't know, MAKE YOUR GAME POSSIBLE TO BEAT!


That was AWESOME! I really liked the pixel graphics with the future/sci-fi tech, and the part about the station being partially organic was really cool. Reminded me a bit of Carrion, with the pixelated graphics and organic stuff. Nice job! Unfortunately, I don't have steam, but I'll be on the lookout for YT vids! If you ever make a game similar to this, maybe put the prototype on Itch again, I really enjoyed it. 


this is going to be an amazing game! its really good so far, even if its a prototype! i cant wait until i can play it on steam


Я прошел эту бету пару раз и могу сказать, что технически и визуально игра выглядит отлично, но проходится к сожалению немного скучно, на то она и бета. Показано пара механик и супер-меч (как же им приятно махать) для дверей. 

Так же нашел несколько багов, таких как прыжок до небес если прыгнуть на летящий ящик, а так же возможность прокинуть его сквозь стену и игру можно благополучно начинать заново. Еще есть баг анимации ходьбы если прыгнуть и ударить во время перехода на соседнюю локацию, ну и еще пара мелких недочетов.

Но бета мне все равно очень понравилась и я очень жду развития этой игры, потому что арт и анимации меня очень зацепили. Спасибо за полученный опыт.

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Прикольно узнавать предысторию и в целом замысел игры не по ходу самой игры, а в маленьком неприметном тексте где-то снизу. Начинаешь игру с того, что тебя закидывают в какое-то замкнутое пространство - зачем? Что надо делать в итоге - просто иди, мечом помаши вокруг - может узнаешь. Спойлер - не узнаешь.
А еще более прикольно тыкаться в стены как дурак, не понимая есть ли там проход, потому что визуально ничего непонятно. Возможно, в этом есть свой какой-то сакральный смысл, но это не усложняет игру, напротив, чувствуешь себя некомфортно.
Игровые кнопки расставлены видимо с целью сломать игроку запястье - куда-то идти, прыгать и размахивать жезлом справедливости получится лишь вывернувшись буквой зю.
Из плюсов - музыка и рисовка. Анимация бомбическая. 


Personally, I liked the game, good pixel graphics, the atmosphere of a dying spaceship, good background music. I would like to see more interesting mechanics related to the main character or something like that


anybody else get banished to the shadow realm I feel in the first acid level and i can still move but it stays on this screen but changes on the map

it keeps happening


very beautiful art i came in my pants tysm!!!!

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Could you add options to remove some effects? Maybe it's just my computer, but it lags a lot.  It looks really great though.


im played on a school chromebook yet I still get a constant 30 fps...

1st acid level be like: SUUUUPPPPEEER LAAAAAGGGG


Cool. Totally would play the whole game


I found a softlock: If you get the sword, die because of the zombie (or an elevator) and respawn at the first checkpoint at the beginning because you didn't use the other checkpoints, you won't be able to get back where you were because this room (image 1) don't have the box used to go to the next room anymore (image 2)

Hey, GameCubeM64, thank You! Interesting, we will fix this in the next update

Do you know about when the next update will be released?


The soundtrack and the environnement makes the atmosphere really mysterious and creepy. I find the controls pretty good,  really responsive and the sword attack really satisfying. The game is beautiful. Great game.




It so cool the game like this space alien I wamt to buy this game


Very nice game!


Хочу тыкать собаку за загрузке


Thank you for your feedback! We just added this possibility special for you!

Now you can pet the dog on the loading screen! =)


Very good


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

This was an interesting puzzle platformer game about running around the space station, solving puzzles, fighting while trying to get out of the space station. I enjoyed playing the game and would be interested to find out more about the storyline of the game. 

Currently, I got stuck on a blackscreen after entering one of the doors and have no idea if what I experienced was supposed to happen. It would be good if there were objectives listed somewhere on the main

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours


Hi, DragonExplosion! Thanks for your comments and video! Actually, problem with black screen is a small bug, will be fixed in the nearest update =) The door you entered, when you took the elevator  the second time was supposed to lead to a secret room, but it hasn't been completed yet. Please try to play again, but don't take the elevator, but instead go down and to the right after picking up the sword.


Thanks for telling me! I will try the game again in my free time! :)